Timeless in nature, the poetics of the dream run through the universe of the three composers of this concert program.
Program, which gives one of the secret recipes of the adequacy between onirism and creativity through the expression of three different musical imaginaries that come together in the poetic aura they generate.

This project juxtaposed in the same place and at the same time three artistic approaches of creation: Music, Painting, and Writing, that I try to bring together in one breath. My approach may seem risky or hazardous but the alchemy that I hope to get involves a lot of mystery and magic like the works of Cras, Dutilleux and Messiaen. The works that were all inspired by poems, have inspired paintings displayed, in the painter Pascal Thouvenin expressing the close relationship between colours-sounds-words.

Echo of my action, I find myself fully in this quote from Henri Dutilleux: "The most important thing is to discover something of oneself that we have not yet expressed and run some risks."
Artists: Victoria Dmitrieva, piano, Romana Porumb, violin,
Rolinka Niers, clarinet. Percussions: Simon Haakmeester,
Edwin van der Wolf, Coen Dijkstra.
Painter: Pascal Thouvenin.
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