'Olivier Greif, prodigious recital'

The "Olivier Greif Project" is a special concert event that takes place as my Master Graduation Exam the 25th and 26th of June 2014.
This project, designed as the culmination of six years of intensive studies is divided in two consecutive evening concerts around one main theme: the Chamber Music repertoire of Olivier Greif, French composer of the 20th century connected with the exhibition of visual works of my father, Pascal Thouvenin based on the played pieces.

The program brings together some of the most achieved pieces of this genius: the 'Requiem Sonata' for cello and piano, the Sonata 'The Battle of Agincourt' for two celli and the 'Trio' for piano, violin and cello.
The musical language of this (still) unknown composer, author of works of great spiritual strength, is audacious and free and at the same time marked of an absolutely relentless formal rigor. The discovery of Olivier Greif’s music is a musical and metaphysical unique experience for everybody who comes across it.
(For more info about this composer: oliviergreif.com)

Recordings and pictures are coming soon!
Artists: Victoria Dmitrieva, piano, Jesus Jimenez Abril, violin,
David Bordeleau, cello
Painter: Pascal Thouvenin.
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