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This project was a special “Concert-Exhibition” event, based on the relation between Music and Visual Arts with the “Coloured hearing” (Synaesthesia phenomenon) as principal guideline and which created the unusual experience for the audience to see sounding colours and to hear coloured music.

I have chosen chamber music pieces that matched perfectly with this guideline: Jean Cras and Anton Dvorak Piano Quintets. I have invited Maria Belooussova from Paris Conservatoire to give two series of Master classes as well as preform with us. It is with the collaboration of my string quartet and the pianist Eloy Orzaiz that we have built this program.

To develop my idea of connecting Arts, we worked in collaboration with three artists from the Minerva Academy of Groningen and two painters abroad to mix point of view and enrich the exchanges. They worked with us to highlight the music through shapes in sculptures and colours in paintings, which has resulted in an exhibition of their works at the concert.

I made a research in parallel of the realization of the project which was about Synaesthesia and more precisely the "Coloured Hearing" as well as a report of the whole process (artistic, organization, budget...) with a diary of the activities.
Maria Belooussova, piano.
Eloy Orzaiz, piano.
Marijke Mulder, violin.
Danna Paternotte, violin.
Pablo Corcoles, viola.

Pascal Thouvenin,
Sikko Mulder,
Jos Volkers,
Jacoba Havinga,
Louwe Noordhoof,
Han Hofman.